About Al Tahhan Golden Dates

What makes Al Tahhan a leading company in the Dates industry is our commitment and ability to consistently develop high quality innovative products Al Tahhan extensive range includes loose dates, packaged dates products as well as Date syrup , Chocolate date , Stuffed dates .
All our products are processed with state of art technologies and facilities and we continue to offer the best incorporating the traditions of Arabian culture.
We have always placed foremost importance in modernization and innovation of our facilities . Over the years we have upgrading our facilities with the best technology and equipment in order to deliver the highest quality of products to our customers.
We have dedicated quality assurance team and over 200 employees that work consistently to ensure that we deliver on the product standards that way we renown for.
Our production facility in New Valley, Egypt , is governed under strict industry regulations and strong compliance to quality ,health and safety protocols with ISO 9001 & ISO 22000 Certied quality control and food safety system in place.

Saudi Dates

It is a group of products of high quality Saudi dates in different weights.

Al-Rotab al-Sokari - Ajwa al-Madina - Majdool - Safawi - Al-Khudary - Barhi - Nabtet Aly - Mabroum - Ruthana - Sakaai

Egyptian Dates

New Valley Dates

Mixed Dates

A set of dates with the wonderful nuts, including the Sudanese, passing through the almonds, passing through the cashews.

Dates - almonds
Chocolate - dates
White Chocolate - Dates - Almond
Chocolate - Almond - Dates
Chocolate - dates - coffee - caramel

Gourmet Products

Dates molasses
Dates molasses with cloves extract
Dates molasses with cardamom extract
Dates molasses with ginger extract
Honey with dates
Dates jam